VIDEO INTERVIEWS: CBTC experts discuss current projects, developing opportunities and importance of collaboration within the industry.

CBTC Interview

SmartRail World spoke to a number of CBTC experts at the recent CBTC World Congress in London about their work including:  Rory O’Neill, Acting Director (Docklands Light Railway), Ramil Shafie, Manager of Railway Maintenance (Rapid KL), Alberto Forchino, Responsible TLC and Telecommunications Consultant (Turin Metro), Tim Cusk, Systems Enginner (Thales),  Melih Arpaci, Head of Business Management Mass Transit (Siemens AG), Joe Bastone, Director of Business Development (Bombardier Transportation) and Anil Sainj – Head Railway Systems (Hyderabad Metro).

See these exclusive videos for their expert insighs, available at the link below:

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