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CBTC events: London FOCUSED on CBTC in March 2015

Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) is a railway signaling system mostly used for metros and light railways. It makes use of the telecommunications between the train and track equipment for the traffic management and infrastructure control. London is going to host a series of highlight CBTC events in March 2015.

Chinese Railways: the government pushes the private sector to participate in state rail projects

Chinese railways projects to be pushed toward the private sector by the state government, pledged to reform the railway investment and financing system.

Interview – Víctor Martín: how technical writing and social networking can push your business towards success

the passion for your work and a contemporary approach to it, as regards an online presence, a self-marketing strategy and an orientation to knowledge sharing, one of the basis of internet, can guarantee you improvements related to your own knowledge and your business.

VIDEO INTERVIEWS: CBTC experts discuss current projects, developing opportunities and importance of collaboration within the industry.

SmartRail World spoke to a number of CBTC experts at the recent CBTC World Congress in London about their work including: Rory O’Neill, Acting Director (Docklands Light Railway), Ramil Shafie, Manager of Railway Maintenance (Rapid KL)

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