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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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ETR 1000: The Fastest European Train Unveiled at InnoTrans

The new ETR 1000 presented at InnoTrans, the world's largest rail industry event, held every two years at the Messe Berlin exhibition centre (Germany)

Positive Train Control (PTC) ready within 2015

The infrastructure of the PTC system typically includes five segments; a back office housing servers and databases to receive information related to tracks, train locations, speed limits and work zones, the wayside segment comprising interlocking and right-of-way infrastructure, the onboard segment displaying rolling stock information, the roadway worker protection system, and lastly, the communications segment involving ground-based, land mobile data radio and wireless networks.

Canadian railways: The TTC signalling system

Automated trains able to safely run closer together, hiking capacity on the overloaded line, thanks to the "moving blocks" technology.

Bombardier PRIMOVE: wireless urban mobility

Based on automatic inductive power transfer, PRIMOVE liberates e-mobility from the constraints of cables, wires and plugs - making urban transport more flexible and convenient than ever before.

Rail: How Is It Made?

Travelling by train is 15 times safer than travelling by car, and one of the main reasons it's so safe is the impressive work of rail management: production, track inspection and maintenance.

British Rail Network signalling: from signal boxes to Integrated Electronic Control Centre

Signalling is the control process Network Rail uses to operate train safely over the correct route and to the proper timetable.

Bombardier Rail: jobcasting for online recruitment

Bombardier Rail Jobcasting makes a lot of sense because where a job description communicates the opportunity, video and audio can help establish the sense of "fit" that is so important for a job seeker.

A really tight Railway line: market traders have to move out and even dismantle their shop displays when the train is approaching

The locals know when the train is coming (at four or six o' clock) so they all move out of the way and continue talking while the train goes past.

Axonis: the new light metro system launched by Alstom

The main European cities are seeking quick costructions for light metro system, easy urban insertion and improved life-cycle costs. Among the most important rail suppliers, Alstom has launched the Axonis light metro system to meet these specific transport needs in fast-growing and densely-populated cities.

How will the train of the future?

Researchers from nine different German Aerospace Center Institutes are working together to come up with the train of the future.

ETCS Levels: how do they work?

ETCS Level definitions are related to the trackside equipment used, to the way trackside information reaches the on-board units and to which functions are processed in the trackside and in the on-board equipment respectively.

Railway Interlocking: how does it work?

Principles of signalling railway interlocking, points and other issues related to the signalling systems, in order to ensure the safe operation of trains.

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