Mission and Vision


railwaysignallinpeople-networkg.eu is a technical e-journal and web community.
It was born and grows with the purpose to share high-tech knowledge about the most advanced and widespread signalling and train control European solutions.  
Young and experienced rail-signal engineers are welcome to participate to the group’s web community, by publishing their own technical articles about the main topics of railway signalling and train control European solution.


sticker,375x360railwaysignalling.eu believes in the positive effect of the global market, which allows everyone to grow personally and professionally, to get in touch with different cultures and increase knowledge of people close to your way of thinking and/or your business.

The continuous refinement of the global market and  the removal of the concept of national borders are strictly related to the possibility to travel quickly, easily and comfortably, covering small or wide distances while respecting the environment.

Our work  wants to be a contribute to the development of smart transportation’s, to reduce the physical and psycological distance among countries in Europe.

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