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Introduction to CBTC system description

With CBTC, moving blocks introduce to the concept of contiguous track, because the railway is represented as a single contiguous block, rather than a set of adjacent blocks. This means that the safe separation behind the preceding train is dynamically calculated based on the maximum operating speeds, braking curves and locations of the trains on the alignment. Also, in this way the capacity of the railway is extremely increased.

Conventional vs CABS vs CBTC railway signalling & their impact to capacity

In railway signalling, capacity can be defined as the maximum number of trains that can pass a given location during a given time period at a specified level of reliability.

Thales to install CBTC into London Underground Network, as part of the 4LM (4 Lines Modernisation) programme

After awarding a 1billion euro contract, Thales will deliver an Automatic Train Control (ATC) system for four of London Underground’s lines: District, Circle, Metropolitan and Hammersmith & City.

Safety Critical Software in Railway Signalling

Railway signalling applications are strictly related to safety critical software. Yet, how do we deal with safety requirements in software?

CBTC events: London FOCUSED on CBTC in March 2015

Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) is a railway signaling system mostly used for metros and light railways. It makes use of the telecommunications between the train and track equipment for the traffic management and infrastructure control. London is going to host a series of highlight CBTC events in March 2015.

Canadian railways: The TTC signalling system

Automated trains able to safely run closer together, hiking capacity on the overloaded line, thanks to the "moving blocks" technology.

Alstom UrbalisTM for Malaga metro

Alstom UrbalisTM solution: the CBTC, state-of-the-art wireless local area network (WLAN) for train control, SmartlockTM 400 interlocking, trackside equipment, and Automatic Train Supervision.

MetroRail 2014 to be hosted in London

Next week MetroRail 2014 will be hosted in London. During the event rail industry professionals from around the world expected to be part of discussion about latest projects, developments and challenges in metro signalling and train control.

5 predictions related to railway signalling market for 2014

The railway signalling market is going to live a very excting year, due to strong technology improvements and expansion of the European systems worldwide.

VIDEO INTERVIEWS: CBTC experts discuss current projects, developing opportunities and importance of collaboration within the industry.

SmartRail World spoke to a number of CBTC experts at the recent CBTC World Congress in London about their work including: Rory O’Neill, Acting Director (Docklands Light Railway), Ramil Shafie, Manager of Railway Maintenance (Rapid KL)

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