MetroRail 2014 to be hosted in London


Next week MetroRail 2014 will be hosted in London. During the event rail industry professionals from around the world expected to be part of discussion about  latest projects, developments and challenges in metro signalling and train control 

The topics  of MetroRail 2014 being covered range from the challenges of developing, commissioning, expanding and operating metro networks in cities including Paris, London, Jeddah. Toronto and Honolulu, to the latest developments in braking energy recovery, Communications Based Train control and communications technologies.


The MetroRail 2014 event incorporates:

MetroRail – network management, operations and global projects
Light Rail – planning, design and implementation
RailTel – signalling, telecommunications and automation
Rail Power – energy efficiency, storage and recovery
Air Rail – integrating airports with urban transport networks

Key speakers include:

Terry Morgan, Chairman, Crossrail
Mike Brown, Managing Director, Transport for London
Pierre Mongin, Chairman & CEO, RATP
Andy Byford, CEO, TTC (Toronto)
Peter Dijk, CEO, Amsterdam Metro
Ibrahim K. Kutubkhanah, CEO, Jeddah Metro
Andrew Bata, CSO, New York City Transit
Dan Grabauskas, CEO, HART (Honolulu)
Ramon Canas, CEO, Metro De Santiago
Didier Bense, Board Member, Société du Grand Paris
Anne-Grethe Foss, Deputy Chief Executive, Metroselskabet (Copenhagen)
Aurelio Rojo Garrido, Secretary General, Alamys
Duncan Cross, Deputy Director Operations, London Overground & Crossrail
Peter Cushing, Metrolink Director, Transport for Greater Manchester
Geoff Inskip, CEO, Centro (Birmingham)
David Potter, Chief Engineer, Eko Rail (Lagos)


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