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Introduction to CBTC system description

With CBTC, moving blocks introduce to the concept of contiguous track, because the railway is represented as a single contiguous block, rather than a set of adjacent blocks. This means that the safe separation behind the preceding train is dynamically calculated based on the maximum operating speeds, braking curves and locations of the trains on the alignment. Also, in this way the capacity of the railway is extremely increased.

CBTC events: London FOCUSED on CBTC in March 2015

Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) is a railway signaling system mostly used for metros and light railways. It makes use of the telecommunications between the train and track equipment for the traffic management and infrastructure control. London is going to host a series of highlight CBTC events in March 2015.

Shanghai Metro: the longest underground in the world

Overall, Shanghai metro consists in 14 metro lines and 337 stations, with an operating route length of 548 kilometers.

New Tube For London Due To Start In 2022

New Tube for London (NTfL) is a programme that would introduce new trains and signalling on several London Underground lines between 2025 and 2033. The trains may not have drivers, however the ASLEF and RMT trade unions that represent the drivers strongly oppose this, saying it would be unsafe.

MetroRail 2014 to be hosted in London

Next week MetroRail 2014 will be hosted in London. During the event rail industry professionals from around the world expected to be part of discussion about latest projects, developments and challenges in metro signalling and train control.

Axonis: the new light metro system launched by Alstom

The main European cities are seeking quick costructions for light metro system, easy urban insertion and improved life-cycle costs. Among the most important rail suppliers, Alstom has launched the Axonis light metro system to meet these specific transport needs in fast-growing and densely-populated cities.

London Post Office Railway

A ride on the forgotten London Post Office Railway (also known as Mail Rail) in operation from 3 December 1927 until 31 May 2003.

The history of Overground in UK

A video by ThetrainChannel related to the history of Overground in United Kindom.

Train derailment in New York City: images by AlJazeera TV

After the recent Santiago de Compostela train crash, another rail tragedy happened in USA.

Once upon a time Ansaldo Breda

Ansaldo Breda, the Italian Finmeccanica Company of the railway industry, following the country-trend, is in debt for 10 years. The company in the first half of the year has doubled its operating loss to € 68 million, while revenues fell by 26% to € 264 million.

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