5 predictions related to railway signalling market for 2014

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According to the magazine www.intelligentsignalling.com, 2014 will be a very excting year for railway signalling market, due to the strong improvements to the technology and the expansion of the European systems worldwide.

  1. A major country outside the European Union and North America will announce plans to roll out ERTMS or PTC on its conventional network
  2. In a similar vein, ERTMS or PTC will prevent a major accident that legacy signalling systems could not have, emphasising the safety credentials of these technologies
  3. The resurgence of metro networks worldwide will continue, with another major city (probably in the Middle East or Asia) announcing the construction of a new system
  4. While the growth of high-speed rail in Europe will slow as the network nears completion, North America will move forward with its HSR plans
  5. And finally, as a bit of fun for rail fans, an organisation in the United Kingdom or Germany will develop an ERTMS onboard package which allows the operation of heritage steam locomotives on routes fitted with ERTMS.

Will be right for the railway signalling market? We’ll see.  Stay in touch this year, and evaluate the trend together!

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