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Is Public Transport really cost-effective? A Siemens study.

Around the world, public transport systems are ageing, underdeveloped or simply unable to cope with the demand of a growing mobile population. Limited funds and resources are an obvious constraint to transport development.

New Alstom’s Pendolino: The Italian Job

The first of eight Alstom's Pendolino ETR610 has left the italian plant in Sevigliano headed to Switzerland ready for the last dynamic tests. seeks signalling copywriters and contributors. Send us your application!

There is no matter if you share your knowledge with others! Are you interested to collaborate with us? Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today, send us your application!

The new ETCS Limited Supervision L1LS to be commissioned in Switzerland by 2018

The ETCS Limited Supervision mode has been recently defined as a fully standardized ETCS operation mode, to be interfaced with a national signalling system. It provides a flexible and scalable version of ETCS. It will be commissioned in Switzerland by Siemens within 2018, substituting the EuroZUB/EuroSignum National Signalling system.

Super Maglev at 3000 km/h

A Chinese research team has recently tested a Super Maglev prototype that could theoretically travel at 3000 km/h.

Etihad Rail, Saudi Railway sign agreement

Etihad Rail, the developer and operator of the UAE’s national railway network — signed a memorandum of understanding with Saudi Railway Company, or SAR, that will enhance collaboration and coordination for the rail industry among GCC members.

Alstom Energy Unit: offers from General Electric and Siemens

Alstom is expected to make a statement about the two offers by GE (10 Billion Euro) and Siemens (part of its train business plus cash) early on this week. reaches 1000 members belonging to its community is delighted to announce an important achievement. After less of six months of activity, the linkedin community is already composed by 1000 members.

MetroRail 2014 to be hosted in London

Next week MetroRail 2014 will be hosted in London. During the event rail industry professionals from around the world expected to be part of discussion about latest projects, developments and challenges in metro signalling and train control.

Fiber Bragg Grating revolutionising railway safety

A fiber Bragg grating (FBG) is a type of distributed Bragg reflector constructed in a short segment of optical fiber that reflects particular wavelengths of light and transmits all others. A fiber Bragg grating can be used as sensing elements in optical fiber sensors.

Denmark High Speed Railway Line

There is no a true Denmark high speed railway line, partly due to the topography and partly because of population density; in the same time trading with the rest of Europe is increasingly important and the classic lines that carry this traffic are congested.

Chinese Railways: the government pushes the private sector to participate in state rail projects

Chinese railways projects to be pushed toward the private sector by the state government, pledged to reform the railway investment and financing system.

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