railwaysignalling.eu seeks signalling copywriters and contributors. Send us your application!

railwaysignalling.eu - Collaborate with us!
railwaysignalling.eu - Collaborate with us!
Do you work in the rail and signalling field, as engineer, researcher or similar roles?
Would you like to increase your technical and online communications skills?
Would you like to enhance your professional prestige?
Do you want to expand your online visibility to the railway stakeholders located worldwide?
You could become a signalling copywriter!

When we started to work in the signalling field, we understood soon that in the most of work environments people is oriented to hide and preserve their knowledge, so it’s hard to found someone available to teach us what we want to learn.
Furthermore, on Internet there’s few high values information related to the rail and signalling field, so we decided to open a website and to write into what we learn step by step.
We think the concept of sharing knowledge should be interpreted in a completely different mode.

There is no matter if you share your knowledge with others!

Instead, thanks to an online presence and a marketing strategy (through a blog and social networks) you could become something like influencers for the rail field and the extreme power of this activity is just that such kind of things are really appreciated online!

We’re looking for people with the same passion and ambitions, available to accomplish one or more duties, related to:

  1. Technical publications (white papers) on which you can put your biography, professional history, skills and links to your contact information, such as e-mail or LinkedIn profile
  2. Article publications (blogging)
  3. Social Network Integration

At the beginning you could consider two different approaches in order to join actively the project:

  1. You could write a white paper (we could discuss on the topics) to be published on the site and link it through your LinkedIn profile (publications section, since we are registered as a company on LinkedIn.
  2. You could enter directly in our team, adding your profile into this section. To do it, you should basically propose a blog article per week and share it on social networks. Again, you could add your membership into your LinkedIn profile (job experience section).

Are you interested in these ways to collaborate? Do you have other proposal? Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today!

Mail us at staff@www.railwaysignalling.eu !

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