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Thursday, June 20, 2024
Tags Labor Market

Tag: Labor Market

Hitachi Ansaldo deal: Hitachi acquires Breda and 40% Ansaldo STS

That's the end of the Italian Excellence for railway signalling applications. Which will be the consequences for the market? What do the current (and potential future) Ansaldo employees need to expect? How stronger will Hitachi become? All of this will come soon.

Calling all Women in Engineering – Photo call and World record attempt

Are you a woman working in engineering and technology?

How to build a powerful digital CV and found the job of your dreams

Why are you still continuing to send hundreds of CVs, even if it clearly doesn’t work! The questions are: why it doesn’t work? And how can I do to go further and overcome the obstacle of the first selection process? Maybe it’s time to change your CV and update it to the new ages!

Alstom GE deal at its final stage. How the market will react?

GE sells its signalling business to Alstom. Subject to regulatory approval the deal is expected to be concluded at the beginning of 2015. seeks signalling copywriters and contributors. Send us your application!

There is no matter if you share your knowledge with others! Are you interested to collaborate with us? Do not put off till tomorrow what you can do today, send us your application!

Alstom Energy Unit: offers from General Electric and Siemens

Alstom is expected to make a statement about the two offers by GE (10 Billion Euro) and Siemens (part of its train business plus cash) early on this week.

How will the train of the future?

Researchers from nine different German Aerospace Center Institutes are working together to come up with the train of the future.

Chinese Railways: the government pushes the private sector to participate in state rail projects

Chinese railways projects to be pushed toward the private sector by the state government, pledged to reform the railway investment and financing system.

Italferr wins the bid for Oman’s national railway project

Italferr had submitted the lowest bid on the rail contract. It will be responsible for design of the complete infrastructure and systems covering 1,061km

Top 10 Largest Railway Network in the world

Railway is a very useful source of travelling, but have you ever wondered which are the most equipped countries in the world related to railway network?

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