ALSTOM acquires Signalling Solution. What are the consequences for the UK railway market?


It’s now two weeks that the railway market is aware about that: ALSTOM acquires Signalling Solution!

Until today, SSL Ltd (Signalling Solution) used to be a a 50-50 joint-venture between ALSTOM and Balfour Beatty Rail, established in 2007 to bid for signalling contracts in Britain and Ireland. It employs 540 people in 4 main locations in the UK.

ALSTOM has signed now an agreement to acquire the Balfour Beatty’s share of SSL.

This acquisition is part of ALSTOM’s signalling growth strategy and enables the company to take full benefit from its worldwide resources and capabilities. SSL enriches ALSTOM’s portfolio, both from a geographical and product standpoints”, said Pascal Cléré, Senior Vice President of ALSTOM Transport signalling activity.

Within the huge amount of signalling renewal projects to be developed in the UK, SSL seemed to be a very appreciable company, able to win the first ETCS trackside Bid (WCML, West Coast Main Line) and some of the ETCS on-board retrofitment programmes scheduled by Network Rail for the next years.

With this acquisition, ALSTOM improves even more its power in the UK railway market, by standing as one of the strongest competitors as part of Network Rail’s major signalling framework agreement. 

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