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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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Tag: Network Rail

ERTMS in the UK: a video by Network Rail

In this video, Network Rail shows the power of the ERTMS in the UK and highlights the benefits that will come over after its implementation.

ALSTOM acquires Signalling Solution. What are the consequences for the UK railway market?

With this acquisition, ALSTOM improves its power in the UK railway market, by standing as one of the strongest competitors as part of Network Rail’s major signalling framework agreement.

DAS: Driver Advisory System for energy saving and traffic management

The on-train system calculates an energy efficient speed profile to achieve the pre-planned or dynamically updated train timings, and generates detailed driver advice to follow the profile and achieve the timings. The control centre is responsible for conflict detection and calculation of new target train timings.

History of controlling trains: a video by Network Rail

This is the history of how trains have been controlled in Britain

Rail: How Is It Made?

Travelling by train is 15 times safer than travelling by car, and one of the main reasons it's so safe is the impressive work of rail management: production, track inspection and maintenance.

British Rail Network signalling: from signal boxes to Integrated Electronic Control Centre

Signalling is the control process Network Rail uses to operate train safely over the correct route and to the proper timetable.

ETCS on-board: Hitachi technology successfully operating with Network Rail track-side system

The Japanese conglomerate Hitachi Rail Europe Ltd. has recently announced that its on-board ETCS solution has received a certification from a notified body of the European Union.

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