The ETCS bible for dummies and not

ETCS Specification by ERA

ETCS Topic.

Yesterday a young and very proactive engineer who works for an International Railway Company, contacted me in order to ask where he che could find MORE information about his work.  This is the kind of people we’re glad to meet.

Nobody comes to him suggesting new topics to deepen, his work is to manage a software.  For now  can be enough.

Anyway, he’s thirsty for knowledge and wants to know HOW the ERTMS / ETCS signalling system works. Maybe his colleagues could help him, but probably they hide their own knowledge.

Oh God! Guys, do you think you know something so special?Are you maybe the guardian of the “eternal youth” formula?

For him and for every young students/engineers,  we post the link of  ETCS set of specification. You have not to ask nobody. ETCS knowledge is for free, it’s for all !

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