InnoTrans 2014: new technologies available for its 10th edition


At InnoTrans 2014 new technologies, energy saving solutions, trains premiers and far more has been available in one place for its 10th edition. Indoors and outdoors exhibitions presented a wide range of companies and institutions which are taking railway industry to the next level.

There was also all signalling world available and through InnoTrans 2014 you could find answer to all of your questions. Through Siemens simulation tools it was possible to test from driver’s point of view how ATO, CBTC  work and how significantly it is improving safety.  HITACHI also presented their beta version product which should be launched in 2018 and it is providing train operation management.

Traffic management and setting driving paths was displayed on every signalling companies screens. Visitor could  easily compare how systems are done and which is the most user friendly.

Which switchgear is the best to maintain point heating when temperature outside is below zero Celsius degrees?  All switchgear solution was presented in transparent boxes, so you could easily check how switch point moves and provides enough force to hold point close to the track. During winter time, switches are exposed to low temperatures and there is the need to use points heating systems. Exhibitors was offering meteo stations which was checking weather and regulate how much heat should be provided to the switch. There was presented also geothermal switch point heating solution.

Except of the large companies from signalling branch like Thales, Bombardier or Siemens at InnoTrans 2014  there was opportunity to talk also with smaller and local companies like ALTPRO from Croatia, which offers axle counters and standard signalling equipment.

It’s all mainly safety-oriented and most of signalling companies are focusing on CBTC system and improving communication between train and track equipment to maintain traffic management more efficient and safer.

Here the link for the official InnoTrans 2014 website:

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