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Thursday, June 20, 2024
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CBTC Standardization: Mixed Operation on Shared Lines in accordance with ERTMS/ETCS Standards

Is it possible a CBTC standardization in accordance with ERTMS/ETCS ? Provisions have been made to plan for the migration from CBTC systems, to ETCS Level 3

Principles of Railway interlocking

In railway signalling, an interlocking (IXL) is a system composed by a set of signal apparatus that prevents trains from conflicting movements through only allowing trains to receive authority to proceed, when routes have been set, lock and detected in safe combinations.

New London-Paris Super Train. Top Speed of 320km/h.

The new London-Paris super train represents an increase in capacity for Eurostar’s fleet of 20 per cent, while it will is reportedly estimated to cut journey times from London to Paris by 15 minutes.

Siemens-Thales joint venture for ERTMS in Spain

A Siemens-Thales joint venture awarded a €208.7m contract with ADIF to supply the ERTMS for the for a rail line in southern Spain.

Is Public Transport really cost-effective? A Siemens study.

Around the world, public transport systems are ageing, underdeveloped or simply unable to cope with the demand of a growing mobile population. Limited funds and resources are an obvious constraint to transport development.

The new ETCS Limited Supervision L1LS to be commissioned in Switzerland by 2018

The ETCS Limited Supervision mode has been recently defined as a fully standardized ETCS operation mode, to be interfaced with a national signalling system. It provides a flexible and scalable version of ETCS. It will be commissioned in Switzerland by Siemens within 2018, substituting the EuroZUB/EuroSignum National Signalling system.

Alstom Energy Unit: offers from General Electric and Siemens

Alstom is expected to make a statement about the two offers by GE (10 Billion Euro) and Siemens (part of its train business plus cash) early on this week.

The Fastest train in the world

Have you ever wondered which is the fastest train in the world? See the classification below

SIEMENS increases its turnover through the rail market

After the acquisition of "Invensys rail", Siemens increases its turnover through the rail market. The sector "Infrastructure & Cities", which now includes the division...

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