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Supersonic speed train: watch the Hyperloop video

The video below shows how Hyperloop Transportation Technologies is trying to make this "pipe dream" a reality.

Frecciarossa 1000: not only speed!

Trenitalia confirmed its Frecciarossa 1000 would begin running on June 14th of this year with it will be possible to go from Rome to Milan in just 2 hours and 20 minutes.

ERTMS and safety issues for railway operation

The ERTMS/ETCS equipment ensures safe movement of the equipped train at any time

Bombardier Wins Maintenance Contract With Trenitalia for Frecciarossa 1000 Trains

Bombardier wins 153 million euro maintenance contract with trenitalia for maintenance of 50 new V300 ZEFIRO high speed trains

New London-Paris Super Train. Top Speed of 320km/h.

The new London-Paris super train represents an increase in capacity for Eurostar’s fleet of 20 per cent, while it will is reportedly estimated to cut journey times from London to Paris by 15 minutes.

ETR 1000: The Fastest European Train Unveiled at InnoTrans

The new ETR 1000 presented at InnoTrans, the world's largest rail industry event, held every two years at the Messe Berlin exhibition centre (Germany)

Positive Train Control (PTC) ready within 2015

The infrastructure of the PTC system typically includes five segments; a back office housing servers and databases to receive information related to tracks, train locations, speed limits and work zones, the wayside segment comprising interlocking and right-of-way infrastructure, the onboard segment displaying rolling stock information, the roadway worker protection system, and lastly, the communications segment involving ground-based, land mobile data radio and wireless networks.

New Alstom’s Pendolino: The Italian Job

The first of eight Alstom's Pendolino ETR610 has left the italian plant in Sevigliano headed to Switzerland ready for the last dynamic tests.

Super Maglev at 3000 km/h

A Chinese research team has recently tested a Super Maglev prototype that could theoretically travel at 3000 km/h.

How will the train of the future?

Researchers from nine different German Aerospace Center Institutes are working together to come up with the train of the future.

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