Book a trip through AMTRAK mobile app and win a Windows Smartphone


Want a new Windows phone? Book a trip through the AMTRAK mobile app!

Among thousands mobile application available on our smartphones, the ones related to transportation’s are in the first positions regarding number of users. Mobile ticketing and fare collection developers are creating apps that lets you purchase, download and display tickets for your local train network using your smartphone. Used by many global train operators, the  most of apps are free, run without ads and offer a handy ticket-storing system. Following this trend, the US railway company AMTRAK acts an online marketing strategy, just focusing on the mobile devices and developing the first official AMTRAK mobile app.

Take a picture of yourself at an Amtrak train station or of the landscape outside an Amtrak train. Then post that picture to Instagram using the hashtags #Amtrak and #WindowsPhone. Do that and you’re entered to win a brand new Windows Phone device. They don’t specific the exact model, but note it carries a retail value of $610, meaning this isn’t a Lumia 520.

There are four entry periods, two have passed already, but two remain. Period three takes place between 2/18/2014 and 2/24/1014, while period 4 takes place over 2/25/2014 through 3/3/2014. That means there’s still two prizes up for grabs. You also need to follow Amtrak on Instagram to win (@amtrak).

Full contest details and official rules can be viewed on the Amtrak blog.


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