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Thursday, June 20, 2024
Tags Systems Engineering

Tag: Systems Engineering

How to write a Risk Management Plan: a system-based approach

How to write Risk Management Plan? First, identify and categorise the risks (probability of occurrence and Severity). Then, define the actions to be performed to reduce your risks. Eventually, make sure you really do what the register addresses, rather than doing it just to make your manager happy!

Modeling and simulation of safety critical systems

Simulation is used before an existing system is altered or a new system built, to reduce the chances of failure to meet specifications, to eliminate unforeseen bottlenecks, to prevent under or over-utilization of resources, and to optimize system performance.

Requirements Management for safety critical systems: a new white paper in PDF format!

This paper will drive you across the different phases of the V-cycle for railway application, by explaining the key role of requirements during each phase and presenting the Systems Engineering activities required to support and control product development.

Measuring Requirements Testing

To validate the requirements, test plans are written that contain multiple test cases; each test case is based on one system state and tests some functions that is based on a related set of requirements.

Requirements Management for the development of Safety Critical Systems

Requirements Management is concerned with understanding Customer goals, identifying and specifying the needs of Users and Stakeholders and the transformation of these needs into functions and constraints enabling development of products and services.

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