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Thursday, June 20, 2024
Tags Sustainability

Tag: Sustainability

Bombardier Celebrates Innovative Battery Powered Train

The prototype of battery powered train has entered trial passenger service on the Manningtree –Harwich branch

€500mln station flooded after rainstorm. Unsealed ceiling?

Water passed through the windowed rood of the station, built just two years ago. Many of these were open when the rain started, passengers claimed.

Deutsche Bahn launched the first CO2-free Railway Station

Deutsche Bahn AG has launched its "StationGreen" programme, under which the first CO2-free Railway Station in Germany is being designed.

The ECO friendly transportation revolution: Bombardier OMNEO

Sustainability is the key word of this train with the Bombardier's ECO4 technologies. Today the ECO4 portfolio includes 15 energy-saving solutions that serve as the backbone of modern fleet management and rail technology.

Super Maglev at 3000 km/h

A Chinese research team has recently tested a Super Maglev prototype that could theoretically travel at 3000 km/h.

Etihad Rail, Saudi Railway sign agreement

Etihad Rail, the developer and operator of the UAE’s national railway network — signed a memorandum of understanding with Saudi Railway Company, or SAR, that will enhance collaboration and coordination for the rail industry among GCC members.

The history of Overground in UK

A video by ThetrainChannel related to the history of Overground in United Kindom.

Environmental Sustainability of Rail Transportation

Since the train can be considered the transport mode of the future, national railway companies and European Union are currently working for a continuos upgrade of sustainable rail transportation, in order to guarantee the best quality of life to European citizens.

Alstom delivers its 1,500th Citadis tram for the opening of the new T7 line in the Ile-de-France

Alstom recently delivered its 1,500th Citadis tram on the occasion of the launch by STIF (Ile-de-France Transport Union) and the RATP of the Ile-de-France's tram line 7.

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