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Thursday, June 20, 2024
Tags GSM-R

Tag: GSM-R

ERTMS in the UK: a video by Network Rail

In this video, Network Rail shows the power of the ERTMS in the UK and highlights the benefits that will come over after its implementation.

ETCS over GPRS: how, when and why!

Currently UNISIG consortium is working to standardize ETCS over GPRS as the communication technology chosen for ERTMS applications. A first release of the specification is to be submitted in 2015.

The Italian High Speed system and the ERTMS development

An interesting video demonstration on the HS/HC system and ERTMS/ETCS development in Italy

Railway signalling since the birth to ERTMS

Railway signalling can be defined as all systems used to control railway traffic safely, essentially to prevent trains from colliding. Over the years knoledgment and technology able to satisfy this issue have been implemented. ERTMS/ETCS is currently the most common signalling system adopted in Europe.

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