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Thursday, July 18, 2024
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CBTC Standardization: Mixed Operation on Shared Lines in accordance with ERTMS/ETCS Standards

Is it possible a CBTC standardization in accordance with ERTMS/ETCS ? Provisions have been made to plan for the migration from CBTC systems, to ETCS Level 3

Requirements Management for the development of Safety Critical Systems

Requirements Management is concerned with understanding Customer goals, identifying and specifying the needs of Users and Stakeholders and the transformation of these needs into functions and constraints enabling development of products and services.

SafeRail: level crossing study

Since the SafeRail project set out in 2013 to assess the feasibility of using satellite technology to improve safety at level crossings, the debate over the dangers posed by locations where rail meets the road has only grown. Many countries are working to phase them out, but the cost of replacing them with new infrastructure is often too high to consider except in the most serious cases.

Regulations for Railway Safety Systems

Since the train control systems are critical systems, they must be certified according to strict guidelines, such as CENELEC regulations. These rules govern both the development process and the characteristics of the final product.

Principles of Railway interlocking

In railway signalling, an interlocking (IXL) is a system composed by a set of signal apparatus that prevents trains from conflicting movements through only allowing trains to receive authority to proceed, when routes have been set, lock and detected in safe combinations.

Hitachi Buys Finmeccanica Rail Asset: AnsaldoBreda and Ansaldo STS

Hitachi has reached a binding agreement with the board of Finmeccanica to acquire all of the shares in AnsaldoBreda and the Finmeccanica's 40% stake in Ansaldo STS.

Bombardier Celebrates Innovative Battery Powered Train

The prototype of battery powered train has entered trial passenger service on the Manningtree –Harwich branch

What is a Train Control and Monitoring System (TCMS)?

A TCMS (Train Control and Monitoring System) is an on-board system built with the purpose to control and monitor a list of train equipment.

The Future of Rail Signalling: The Transition to ERTMS event

The event will cover the latest updates on the change to ERTMS, discussing potential issues and pitfalls that might occur with the changeover, and considering who is responsible for the transition.

CBTC events: London FOCUSED on CBTC in March 2015

Communications-Based Train Control (CBTC) is a railway signaling system mostly used for metros and light railways. It makes use of the telecommunications between the train and track equipment for the traffic management and infrastructure control. London is going to host a series of highlight CBTC events in March 2015.

railway signalling games: SimSig and EA Rail Simulator

An overview of two of the most useful railway signalling games

The Shift2Rail innovation programme

A research programme to achieve a more competitive and resource-efficient European transport system with a view to addressing major societal issues such as rising traffic demand, congestion, security of energy supply and climate change.

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